the procedure

i’m alone, i need some social interaction, but wait, here comes a thought:

”humans are the worst. i hope nukes rain down from the skies”

john! what the fuck was that!?

ok, whatever, use the procedure

what emotion was it?
was it appropriate?
was it real?
can you rationalise it?
does it have bias? if so, can you balance it?
why did you think that?
how you resolve it and prevent it happening again?
how do you feel now?
are you sure?
do you need some food/water?
do you feel safe? if not, tell someone.

you’ve done your best. accept it and move on

awhhh shit. here comes another thought, this is going to be a long day and i’m already exhausted

”people are ashamed of me for thinking such nonsense”


ok, whatever, use the procedure

(Afterthought, one week later: Do bad thoughts promote and encourage more bad thoughts? Or do good thoughts come from bad thoughts and bad thoughts come from good thoughts – the same way there is company to be had in solitude and solitude to be had with company)