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Purple Mutant Summer (inspired in part by Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)

Purple mutant summer arrives with oppressive heat.
Roars of thunder echo across the land with authority.
Heightened emotions and free admission rollercoasters for all.
Until the sun sets accompanied by chirrups and the last buzz of the day.

All I can think of is production for him in the purple mutant summer.
All I know is working til breakpoint in the purple mutant summer.
All I want is capital and inequality in the purple mutant summer.

He pollutes our skies and burns our forests.
Sucks the ground dry and turns the sea to plastic.
He says he will make me rich if I pray to him and worship.
But I never ever see him in purple mutant summer.

I am trapped at home.
Silent and scared.
The storm is still going.
Our grievances unaired.

My cat can help me
As the trumpeter weeps
Meows in their sleep again

Up In Your Face


Guess who’s back?

Lowedges sounds like this!

I hope you stub your toe and trap your fingers in the door, want more?
Brush your teeth with dog poo, step on a plug, want a hug?
You can’t have one, coz you the kind of guy to shit in a diffuser and turn it up to max, that’s facts!
Relax? I can’t because I’m in your head, that’s what I said, rent free, that’s me!

Bring it on

I’ll shut your yappin, ears flappin, you look like King Charles at the block, take his head off!
Do you understand me? I don’t charge a fee, take notes, you’re a ghost, I’m your host, you ignore all that matters most!

You’re so loud they hear you on the moon, leaving so soon? I’m not done yet.
I’m the your worst nightmare, the baddest man you ever met, yes fret, you sket.
I’d abandon you if you were my pet, wet, out in the rain. No shame, lame, a coward defamed.
You’re a fake, all talk, never saw anything good in this world, I just hurled, up in your face!

I hope you get sand stuck between your teeth and your gum, no fun.
Even if you can still get it up I hope you feel nothing when you cum, I said no fun.

Reppin’ S8

That’s where I’m from. Now all of you shut up!

And listen to me.
I don’t fuck around, you lost, I found my voice, I won, my choice, I bossed and found, you’re dead, for fun!

Go suck on a lemon, you spanner!

Brain Rot

Rockin that skibidi ohio rizz
Gonna show my gyatt
Coz I slay, I got cake, an’ I ate
I’m so pookie, an’ that shit bussin’

With you in the kitchen of primary colours

All of a sudden I collapsed
Fairies around my head
Blue birds in my beard
A fleshy bag on the floor

Leaking fluid a silhouette
In the sun rays upon the tiles
I’m sure one day you’ll be there
To pick me up and sit me down

My red number one fan
Far away in the sub tropics
Eat your favourite food
That will make me happy

United by cats and sadness
We are twins separated
By six thousand green miles
And only our waking lives

Thank you for all your love
Thank you for your patience

How to remember when it’s bin day

Try to stick to what you can control; your thoughts and your actions
To me we’re all one but you separate us into factions

Sing a song, you need to speak up, no solace in your silence
When you are attacked, scream loud enough to show your defiance

Argue with yourself, accept it all but don’t let your standards slip
Nature is fierce, let it happen, don’t underestimate it

So here’s what I recommend to you in life my dearest friend
Live in the now, you can finish without tying up loose ends

Mix up your pithy aphorisms with some obvious truths
Disrupt automatic reactions with startling out there blues

Feed everyone in your life, they’ll be happy with bellies full
Relax when on high alert, guard down, let your senses lull

Listen to the rhythm of everything around you, tune in
Listen for the chance to quieten people’s blustering, and win

Acceptance is the key to the door; of the room where there’s peace
Harmony is the piece you play loud; in the space where sounds cease

So go on your way, live for life today, remember bin day
So go on your way, live for life today, remember bin day

The Cost Of Living

Trapped lone solace in captivity
Isolated mind specifically
Locked in, cold, naked, and so, so bored
Wet, shivering, sitting, and ignored

Bankrupt and starving, getting older
Always in pain, a frozen shoulder
Can’t move, everything’s grey, give over
Can’t hear, it’s all too much, moreover

The silence is too loud, a dark shroud
Hanging around, a leaden cloud, proud
Of no one and nothing, my ears ring
The birds don’t sing, my cat’s dead play thing

Lukewarm tea, miles away from the sea
My friends flee, overlooking my plea
Long lost glee, hope gone, I cannot see
I’ve lost thee, hopeless, she set me free


I live for you, Clem, and tea.
I will not hear of stern words said against the tea.

With crossed spears and bashing on shields!
With whipped fervour and impetuous rage!
With uncontrollable unconscious uninhibited!
With audacious actions of high powered regret!

I will not hear of stern words said against the tea.
For I live for tea, Clem, and thee!

The Cats of Bluehill

Can you listen to me meow,
Can you listen to me purr,
I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat

Put fresh food down in my bowl,
Clean the mess up in my tray,
I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
A purring cat

I’m a lovely little cat
Can you stroke my silk soft fur
I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat

Let me out into the rain
Soon I will come back again
I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
And I’m a cat
A purring cat

The Sink The Sink The Sink The Sink The Sink

Clear water flows down my sink
if it’s not blocked
or the bowl’s in

Patterned dishes pile up on the side
if I’ve tidied up
or I am lazy

Chrome tap drips very slightly all day
if the hosepipe adapter
or other is on

Silent clock doesn’t tick in this house
if I’m staying here
or I go crazy

The air feels clear today
Mackerel skies patterned
Chrome feels laggy
My laptop is silent

Tick tock goes the clock
In my parent’s house
Or in at my Grandparent’s
I am suffering here

A slow walk down the lane.
One foot in front of the other.
A steady plod to escape your mind.
See less, hear less, think less.
Let yourself disappear.


Your voice made me collapse
Into your arms, into your heart
Your words brought me to the end
Of all my hatred and all my cruelty

One day you’ll walk through my door
One day we’ll suffer no more

On some level, in some way, we can make that day today
With hope we can take all of our unhappiness away

Your unhinged laughter made me doubt
All the false certainties holding me back
Your survivors spirit made me sad
That I had not met you earlier

One day I’ll stop striving to be
One day we’ll be you and me

On some level, in some way, we can make that day today
With hope and pride we can take all of our unhappiness away

No End In View

My boat on your shoreline
Called in for a while
Wavering emotions
A glimpse of your smile

Oil stains the water
Rainbows in the air
Hearts won’t stop beating
Whenever you are there

Growing attachment
With soil and sun
I look below
To the rain undone

Time will have a say
And salt and the sea
But nothing bad remains
Between you and me

The clock ticks are metered
Afloat by the coast
Met up in secret
I love you the most

Trees drowning in tar
Caught in a trap
You’re clinging to roots
Nurture your chap

You personify water
I’m buoyant around you
Soon countdown to zero
With no end in view

Your Regular Support

The broken pieces of my life held together by plenty of red tape.
The pale sudden flicker of wholesome humanity against the glorious majesty of the universe.
Everything’s going on.
But you are the focus of my crimson dreams.

The finite resources depleted and the planet’s impending destruction.
The freedoms we have abused. The disrespect shown. We might be too far gone to stop now.
Nothing else matters.
Except you and me and our scarlet vision.

The regulations we set are there for a reason.
The forces at work in universe are too big to understand. The powers on Earth too finite to avoid control. Life in the red.
People fallen to corruption.
Is human organisation destined to fail?

Not when there is hope and love. Repeated and underlined. Repeated and unlined. So grateful for your regular support.

Goodbye To Myself This Winter

I miss your old face. (Lizard) Distorted and vague.

Check on me on your way down.
Together again for a moment; I frown.
Your life sounds cold. You moved out of town.

Ages since you left. (Wizard) Shaken and torn.

You went missing once and vowed never again.
Frozen in torment; a familiar refrain.
A broken promise. A broken brain.

I’ve seen my share. (Blizzard) Lost and found.

That icy night we put the town to right.
Built a new vent; shone a new light.
We put away the past. I buried you tonight.

The Power Of Peacetime

Can we give a moment now to those who died
Called cowards in their own country.
More brave than me
These martyrs for peace
In a world bent on destruction.

Shot by their own for believing alone
When war could stop with one word from a despot.
Now we’re standing eye to eye in our enemy’s land
It’s a long way to go for salvation.

It seems folly to me that just one man’s deeds
Decides the fate of a nation
But it’s unlucky for them
We’ve got peace on our hem
And will protest war on every occasion.

Belief in ourselves and those in the hell
Of conflicts far and wide
To just stop for now would feel good.
Let’s get round the table and eat while we’re able

And we’ll look within for the power of peacetime.

Show off

Flexing my self worth to my friend showing off 15 years of momentos.
I’ve never had a time when inspiration don’t stop the flows.

When I walk down the street, I don’t turn heads, I turn hearts.
So polite and so kind you’ll never to smell the odour of my farts.

I laugh and I joke but am real when you want me to listen.
And if you look me in the face you’ll notice my eyes always glisten.

Be real to me, I’ll reward you with your dreams, that’s a given.
When we touch and you go; you’ll always wonder what you are missin’.

Ok, so maybe I don’t believe this but you can fill the emptiness inside.
So, be true to yourself and live your best life on the outside.

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Everything gets better when you’re 30
You can stop worrying about things out of your control
Anxiety is less when you’re 30
You’ll feel like things are easier to accept

Now that you’re 30 you don’t have to be ‘cool’ anymore
No one will care if you don’t know the score, for sure

Your friends will still love you when you’re 30
You can stop worrying about things out of your control
Pain will subside when you’re 30
You’ll find everything easier. That’s all.

Now that you’re 30 you don’t have to be ‘cool’ anymore
No one will care if you don’t know the score, for sure

A Plaice In Mind

There is often a case of caution with plaice. Leave this fish be in the ocean. A hazardous race of engines at pace is done by the boat as precaution.

But a potion is drunk by the sailors who stunk of fish kept in ice like lotion. It comprised of rum and felt like fun but sleep became their eventual notion.

Furious rage woke from drunken haze as the night turned to day and all the fish swept over. No luck, no clover, the drunken seaman went over as the seas demanded attention.

The trawler was ruined. The seagulls were stewing their plaice with salt water and kelp. The fishermen died without help and the shorter straw was drawn by the fish and the men who passed with a yelp.

The sea calmed it’s waves and said goodbye to the days where boats would claim it’s bounty. The wind had dropped. All the corks had been popped by nature who never would die.

So goes the story of catching plaice and men snoring drunkenly into the night. Their vessel had failed because they drank too much ale. Natures debt was dealt without commotion.

And so this tale is sung as warning old and young to people at this charity. Don’t be greedy, reward the needy, and the world will find it’s own parity.


The dark and the light. Stories written of land made of cheese, of a man in solitude, of scars and holes.

The full moon just gone, see you again soon, cloud permitting.

The new stars are primed on their rockets. Set to be speeding across the sky. An awful musk lingers.

The moon will always be the moon. Until it becomes the property of few. They might one day own the moon but they will never have what we have. Tales and song. Food in our bellies and drinks flowing free. A cheer and a smile.

To the moon. To the moon. To the moon and back.

Paper skin

He’s got paper skin; peeling away, red ink and all.
The words don’t matter; he is what he feels.
He lashes out at those around him; so fragile.
Full of yesterdays news but he hasn’t read anything.

His paper skin doesn’t inform.
He won’t let you close; he’s so ashamed.
Not of himself because he’s always right.
Just ashamed of his words; it doesn’t add up in his head.

There’s a patch on his arse that once was page 3.
It’s the only bit he likes.
‘Not vulgar, this is moral instruction.’ Is it’s message.
Flesh on flesh and it just stinks.

In fact, all of his paper skin smells rather bad. Unelected and unwanted. A buffoon at 10. He’s a buffoon all day.

The Roughest Stone

I am the roughest stone on the beach.

Abrasion scrapes grooves in my voice.

Uneven wire towelling scrapes at your heart.

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. I’m sure.

It’ll heal because it feels good.

Keep me and polish me smooth.

Untitled #0000097.428571

You climbed a tree and looked down at me.

You spoke with your face.

I could see. You weren’t happy at all.

I had risen my voice. It didn’t feel like my choice.

I walked away. Like this was a play.

But this was no act.

You didn’t want to know. What you already knew.

My temper had torn our bond apart. Left holes in our hearts.

So I wrote to you. ‘We can see this through.’

There was nothing to see.

You built yourself a new home. A new start.

So in the heat I lay. Wishing for a new day. By the tree where you looked down at me.

Old sayings and songs

In days of old

In days of old, when men were bold,

And paper wasn’t invented.

They wiped their arses on bits of grasses,

And went away contented.

* * *

The Birdcatchers Song

I am a fellow bright and gay

A merry fellow night and day

My name is held in great renown

throughout the land, in every town.

Where lark and linnet tunes their note

my whistle joins the warblers note

{ cant remember the next line }

For I’m the jolly birdcatcher.

* * *

The Trout

I stood beside a brooklet

That sparkled on its way

And saw beneath the wavelets

A tiny trout at play

As swiftly as an arrow it darted to and fro

The gayest of the fishes among the reeds below

An angler there was standing with his rod and line in hand

Intent upon the fishes, that sportive fearless band

‘Tis vain said my good neighbour to fish the brooklet clear

The fish will surely see you upon the bank so near

But skillful was the angler and artful too

The crystal brooklets depths defiling – he hid the fish from view

And then his skill renewing

The fishes unheeding took the bait

And I was left lamenting the tiny troutlets fate

* * *

The ballad of Lizzie Sloan

Across the loan

Went Lizze Sloan

A dueling set had she

A rifle on her shoulder, a pistol on her knee.

Now Lizzie’s eyesight wasn’t too good

Her glasses they were dim

And when she charged the bull

It shit upon her chin.

* * *

The Soldier’s Song

Arsehole, arsehole, a soldier I will be,
To piss, to piss, two pistols at my knee,
Fuck you, fuck you, for curiosity,
I’ll fight for the cunt, I’ll fight for the cunt, I’ll fight for the cunt-er-y.

* * *

I’m a dick a dick addicted to you

A chicken cross hare across the road in the land of Americana have a sandwich and other mutterings

Gotta comb my opalescent goat hair budgerigar to get it to lay some eggs of pure wheat flour.

Then take the elevator to the goose sky hideout above the mountain top cave where I live for the summer.

Pick elderberries before the cuckoo spit rain wets my obligatory Whisk Day gingham check shirt and shorts combo.

Finally get sweet slumber in the cave with the cat bear violin player playing lullabies into the deep black.

Another spirit

She wants someone close, to hold, to love, to have.
Though she lives like a ghost, no one knows her name.
Wants a normal life but life won’t bend for her.
Feeling like a mess because her dreams aren’t coming true.

She looked in a book for words to help her out.
The book said:

“Ȝeue þi cunte to cunnig and craue affetir wedding.”

She knew what she must do, just felt lost and incapable.
So she stopped to love herself, to grow, to learn, to gain.

So did she ever change? Well, nobody did know.
She’s still wandering the town, through rain, through hail, through snow.


The shadows of the leaves
keep moving
as my face feels the breeze

The sky is as blue as it gets
My face is flush and warm
Momentum carries me along
Breath feeds my lungs

The rustle of the trees
keep sounding
as the birds do what they please

One foot then the other
I’m feeling light and free
Bounding across a stream
Happiness heals the past


Everyday, I say:
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to talk to people too.
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to contribute your view.

Leaving things alone can let things happen.
I don’t have to be someone else, I’m not.
Comfortable at home with the cat is my fashion.
I can do this whenever I want: A lot.

Everyday, I say:
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to talk to people too.
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to contribute your view.

Being still and listening to the world around me.
Brings me more comfort than a hug or a chat.
I know for you it’s different, it doesn’t astound me.
So I can speak up and help you out like that.

Everyday, I say:
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to talk to people too.
It’s ok to be shy.
But it’s ok to contribute your view.

Saved by an elf

Me saved, you entered my head in a wavy dream,
I’m fine, you gave me art sweeter than Ice Cream!

A story, It was so good it taught to sing songs too,
Before I go, I’ll need some support from friends, just a few.

I jog along, getting fitter everyday, under 13 stones now – always been lucky for me.
I’m never off my psychic phones, texted out messages, picking up calls, I do it free.

Oh what I am saying!
Small mercies, I’ll do anything….
Anything, just to see myself see the light at night,
I’d go through self put fright after fright.

Cancel my appointments,
recognoise my voice, tonight.

Listen, I can’t concentrate in this vacuum.
Show me previews of what life can be like.


I’ll never be perfect, but anything is to me.
I’m difficult, but the easiest person you’ll meet.

I’m going to change,
I’m going to change,
I’m going to change,
I’m changing now.


Me, I’m saved, I scream your art now, it’s what Ice Cream.


{echo until fade}


Steam coming from you is like the sun in the West.
Dipping down after days with no rest.
Water really never did anything for you.
Ice or steam is all that you knew.

Dreamy days will pass you by,
trying hard to live your lives true.
Stories sang, the stories you live,
shape your heart, give you more to give.

But I know I can’t sing, so why I am trying?
I just don’t know, my left from writing.
Only wanted to show you that I can join in.
Believing now in a journey but where to begin?

One daytime soon I’ll catch sight of her voice,
Varied in character you’re a whole play at once.

Blue Wales of my eyes

“What’s wiv all da H’s in your name dude!?”

Ummm…. I don’t know, what my given names mean to you.
It shouldn’t mean a thing, I hope it doesn’t, that is true.
Softly spoken answers to questions, aren’t always real (no).
It’s just a dream I had once, doesn’t mean a great deal (two U).

Anyway, I digress:

H is for Hollow, H is for all the great Hopes,
H is for the Horrid times, by, H is for History.

With many thanks in big ways I point my hands north,
Blue takk helps sticking ceiling space to the pours,
The texture of the paper on what my friends do draw,
Times I look at the maps to remember what my brain is four.


H is for Hollow, H is for all the great Hopes,
H is for the Horrid times, by, H is for History.

I hear U calling out through my record player,
Something I can’t quite make out, someting I did not hear,
Whatever, nevermind, I will not let it dwell,
Sometimes, somethings just don’t go so well.

So shhhhhhhhh:

H is for Hollow, H is for all the great Hopes,
H is for the Horrid times, by, H is for History.

An Earthling’s engWish

“John are you ‘avin’ diss for tea?”

I will refer to your look, as a light, happy, glance.
With a hue just off blue, that caused a dot to dance.

Collectively we are a shape. Not knowing what it is.
Parameters of what were; are, changing!

Hiss, for a happy life:
Hiss, body will be healthy.
Hiss, goals will be plenty,
Always a future for you.

Never asked to be born, but I have to thank you for a chance.
The inspirations, the artists and singers, the individuals, all of them, thanks.
All of them, alone or together, on this soil, on this Earth.
From myself, you will never know, you own true worth.

Smile, my friends, smile.
Smile, my friends, smile.
Smile, my friends, smile.
Smile, my friends, smile.

I will refer to your look, as a light, happy, glance.
With a hue just off blue, that caused a dot to dance.

Where are you from, and where are you from?
You were cooking for us, now,
This Sheff is cooking up a meal,
I just want you to have this steel.

{echo until fade}

Waiting On A Return

You’re selling us our health after making us ill.
Ripping up our human rights so we can’t get our fill.
Want to share a bit of culture.
Want to build a bridge, a friendship.
But who cares about us.
But who knows how long you’ll live in denial.

You’re waiting on a return.
Putting all ends together as one.

I prefer an unravelling spiral. Something to aspire to.

Cân Gymreig

Cofio (beth yw) coginio.
Arnofio (dim mwy).

Cyn y nghysgod cawl pysgod.
Gwelwch! Oh! Gwelwch yn dda! Gweld dwbl, gyda fi. Pysgod chwythu gysan!

Coginio dim mwy.
Llysieuol. Llysieuol. Llysieuol. Llysieuol. Warchod dim mwy.

Kjartan and Neko’s Unicorn Sanctuary Back Up

Thursday, December 04, 2003

im glad im less dramatized now, whoever they were have left my dreaming preherps their hibernation came or soemthing

what a vain sentence i could realise what im like in her eyes oh no is that a depressing thought

lets wait until it falls away…… oh yes it is

i’ve got to make it to her

play around with some ideas for sure

i could run away but that would be a different day

my minds on focus one point at a time i like it that way i say for today

// posted by me @ 5:57 pm

this blogs looking far too sane hooray in normality alright!

hooray for today!!

here are some songs that i’ve enjoyed recently


super furry animals – furryvision
the gentle waves – evensong
grandaddy – am 180
jeff buckley – hallelujah
belle & sebastian – is it wicked not to care
gorkys zygotic mynci – mow the lawn

even my own poetry is becoming sensible-if a bit selfish still

// posted by me @ 5:50 pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Today i enjoyed feeding bread to the birds.

The pepper song – inspired by peppers and onions and under milk wood by dylan thomas

pepper pepper pepper
pepper pepper peppep
this is the pepper song
pepper pepper pepper

my year 7 report said i was going to be great 
year 8 participate moer
year 9 standerd good
year 10 dissapointing not trying
year 11 skips class does no work
year 12 dropped out

#don’t steal our sun your just killing fun#

// posted by me @ 5:13 pm

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

tea cup
oldest infantcy
just me
or two
as if
no way

// posted by me @ 6:38 pm

Thursday, October 23, 2003

voltage ^



no waiting, excellent!?!!

// posted by me @ 6:15 pm

Friday, October 17, 2003

Theres a constant wonder,
is it really not that much at all,
or is it heavier than gold,
now it’s no problem for you,
and your thankful for your cup of tea,
oh, you hope this can be true,
we better shout together thanks forever,
if the frequency is not out of hearing range,
and you bet they’ll be plenty of change,
some people try to control,
but could you fold a paper boat?
yeah theres doubt in my mind
doubt in my mind
almost nothing else at all for you to find,
i said, i dont want to kill you
and when i hear people cheering the other side
i think what have i done, 
to live so long and not realised,
that i was wrong

// posted by me @ 11:45 am

Thursday, October 16, 2003

pillow/lyric accompany thing:

Were the enigmatic panda team.
When theres trust they’ll be treats. 
I had a dream where I couldn’t talk I couldn’t sing my song. 
In the tree by the brook there’s a songbrid who sings. 
Aint no drag, papa’s got a brand new bag. 
And sunny days in January.
You put my shine to shame.
It’s simple, hunt and gather rules still apply, but we never turn to greed and deaths a catalyst to life, can you hear me?

not the greatest choice but im lazy and catatonic

// posted by me @ 4:03 pm

just remembered what i meant to post… favourite cheese holy cheese

// posted by me @ 3:25 pm

Gimme birthday blues and unformented whine, climb the tree luck it’s made out of pine.

So wow! wow! wow! On the gramaphone. Jus’ give me a ring when you need a cone.

I shout: There’s no breakfast- when you aint got food, you sing a long while- fix mistakes afterward, but when theres food- sit up more straight, unluck around you see- learn not to hate. Yeahyeah!

So wow! wow! wow! On the spinning thing. Jus’ give me a ring when you need a cone.

// posted by me @ 3:15 pm

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

see it, no evil and no good no thing and no would no this and no that no smiling and no’s flat, you know where no is, forget it?

“it was the most miserable night that ive ever seen, and the rain came down like something obscene, and we cried in our pints for no reason at all, accept our lives were shite and we wanted so much more” did we? i don’t know! smile! read on and smile!!

smile to yourself some more, even if those who don’t like smiling how about i say adoor, please smile to yourself, if your love is hard to give loosen up and you will live, smile to yourself, if you love to smile there love and love is good like mugs mine half empty/half full right now, theres a smile somewhere on the radio, sense a smile, touch a smile, smell a smile, hear a smile, see a sense a smile:)

product of one small missed dose of olanzapine medication for schizophrenia and related illness’:

watching my body eat energy more and more
growing older each cell’s dance- tells me to stand back
still I’m feeling younger and i don’t feel no shame
now i know you know understanding is my game- did i just let it on?

sifting through traffic on my home made radio
touch a metaphor i found so low- tell me you understand
i can’t let on or show to break the perfect spell
possibilities in space amuse for days so long

look at that boy being niave just for me
his winning smile i’ll grit my teeth
first thing in your line of sight this care is so far away
just as long as you can play -we’ll wash the blues away

forgotten prozac hidden pain i did it once i’d do it again now
for loves sake i threat myself- give up all there is again
there is too much, im on no quest for perfect health
just a bridge and something else- something from you now

is this conformation from a mirror or are you reading me
i’ll wash your car and brush your teeth
ever know now no one will, and all the trouble ive gone to
in envy’s green light i awoke a pain so bright it almost spoke for me

so we’ve just made something knew our obsessions in full view
always dark and always new somethings lifted right away 
everything else dropped in my way right now
im glad that water tastes like meths on funny days

music sung sweetly out of tune listen in and hear the moon
i’d sing thunder over joy and a lake that may annoy
and i’d cry and thousand times if you would but once tell me the time
when theres nothing else you want and the singings got to stop because there’s happyness…

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i love autumn

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

seen six straight lines in pixies strokes some hiphop too, i better buy a visor visit library and read some wisdom quick, i want to help other inbetween my screams for help 

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i used to think ahhh but mad people don’t know they’re mad until i forgot. are you wise? so i said to the guys look i don’t want to die and i truely care if your toothaches that bad dude just dont worry man i’ll get some ibroprofen for you, one guy no no i’ll go but you come for a j in the car, i sighed and said no can do but i’ll make you some tea

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oh, Sometimes, my name is John and I like chocolate + animals, we’re all in a farm though i’ve been told it’s a zoo and rachel j makes me feel a-ok 🙂

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Yay, went out last night! me scRReams quiet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to worry, why do they make out it’s cool to worry?

Hey, it wasn’t personal. More allegorical etc.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrre on holiday!

Breakfast: bowl of skittles additives help me to be more unable to walk in a straight line
Mug: Galaxy Chocolate

Still after that against all odds.

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Im so pathetic lame and all round abysmal. (good for you smiled my friend)

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Unrefined this is for me and me only so stop reading and go back to sleep. Ideas from a creative explosion, everyone knows it’s not difficult. I’m not weird nor am I pretending to be weird. Ignorance, praise and judgements I don’t want but put up with but only because I want to share ok. Having said that It’s not mine to share go look.

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Their fairytales make me jealous when there is music being played. Music stops. Yeahyeah music go music stop. That chairs gone I long to do a lot (of nothing).

Happy weekend, one bind, one strengthen, one safe. Apriciated condolences. 🙂

Music today:
Foo Fighters – generator (best thing on their best album imho)
Capt Beefheart – Autumn’s Child
Yeah yeah yeah’s – mystery girl
Simian – La breeze
Shonen Knife – I am a cat
Super Furry Animals – Demons
Thomas Newman – Whisper of a thrill
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – the girl i’ve always known
Nirvana – Love buzz

Flashback dreams hell no college today. Pure extacy sleep in a whole new formless form, take my ego smash it on the floor hide it far away. 

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

When theres trust they’ll be treats.. So why? Oh Why? Why?

I wanna be forgotten!!

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Alright dudes, the safest way of talking to yourself. Very Ape. I’m to busy trying not to look niave I’m very ape and I’m very nice. Although I don’t feel it. Stuck on a mountain. I want care. Ship wrecked on 2020 street, yeah it’s quite good fun but I’m just an ickle boy.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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Gollum quarter manifest opposite coin dearest elf, I fear you find those thoughts incriminating. I’m pretty sure you are made of toast.

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That aside the genuine worries are, be careful, your ego may start slapped your face, ego isnt body and body isnt ego they want different things. Yeah it’s great when they want the same things but don’t pretend. I’m writing this and also reading this. I’ll be crying some long days in during these floods. I could just boat out and leave. I don’t think so. Shock-A-Shock or no Shock-A-Shock. Simple thoughts don’t equal simple minds :'(

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Mmm-mmm feelin good!

You should really tell them to at least a straight face who do you think I am? Duff Man?

Honestly, making it a bit more fun is good, but at least make it realistic. I’ve just got a another thing on my mind now 😛


not this but still… we are the mtv generation, we feel neither highs or lows 

It’ll all work out well I garrentee it, and you do to hehehe

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Stolen lives and time.. Past the little line. What I want, I do not want. Full of corporate noise.. no rest bite, lack of quality. I want no more me. This and that, divided again. I’ve lost my pen, write, found my honesty. Lost in gravity. Seen and sunk, and smelt like a skunk. Thrown aside my true dislike. Opened up so far that I’m closing again. LA LA LA LA, LALA LA LA. I’ll get back there’s forty two police behind me.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

stress make me take risks write crappy emails I really really really hope i havent fucked up again.

10 minutes out’ve
college, i had gone to spar and bought a bottle of water (
the girl buying matches had really soft looking hair ) and
was long gone out’ve spar and felt (metaphorically) as i
was resting on the peak of a mountain, this mountain could
change shape but right now it was really hot red and firey
and pointed ( i presume it was repressed anger that
inspired me to wirte something down ) for while in this
state i noticed something very special about water, it
tasted of meths in the present moment not then but now the
only place we have power to do anything total nowness, it
tasted metal just today it tasted of meths, my frist day of
college and the water tasted meths, i awoke my mind of
knowledge, i went to sleep to find it wasnt worthwhile,
don’t lose the creative brain was the only knowledge of
use, cos the one who liberated the boy i never rated had
great knowledge he didnt show it he always got his way, his
way was to let things take their course, to keep the
awareness and smile

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Really doesn’t do it justise, 
I only an innocent mask of timeless everlasting mystery, 
Belonging elsewhere but I’m here.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Sprinkle the happiness far and wide!
She asked me too early when I was small and blind,
The end the old and the birth of the new,
That was the connection, 
I was a kitten,
Now I’m just smitten,
To regain the old emotions I asked around,
The answers I got were from a small cloud,
He said be nice and call the animals don’t run away,
And she will be back before you can say,
Remember to communicate!!
So she came back changed and attacked,
Nurse Nightingale tell me what I need,
You need no wants but her she said,
Now I’ve got ill patients in bed,
To cure the patients I helped her!
Not for long I abandoned ship,
Cast low like the happiness around her hip,
No time like the present,
Sentimentality pause,
I wondered if she fuelled my remorse,
No I’m not dead just close doors open the way,
Since then I looked east with pain,
Called back the animals and spelt unpopular words,
To bring back the things I need,
Please don’t worry.

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She’s buried her way to the source [I’m saying ‘hello’ more than ever *introverted mystery smile*] of all my emotions, but she loves triangles more than me!! (HAHAHAA – grass cuts all over but for minus 22 it’s no problem). I can’t wait til she listens she will glow through the clouds and warm the whole place up, blushing asking her what she wants but I’ve seen it happen she says this what she needs, has the kelevala met its match tehehehehehe. Many more rejections to make, tough to keep it up when there’s this demand but like a phone, its a simlar thing. So many ways to communicate!! I saw her vision of snow-like looks in the afternoon I could help her bleed much beauty but the dream box has made a wound {bit like tolkein 🙂 } that will not heal. Mars is closest but there isn’t as much Venus no more. I should’ve listened to jonathan (no richman) the Mercury man. So she’s a lion and her friend’s shocked that I can guess, it would be too much for her to know so I added a bomb #Oh, if only, I knew the language# HA!. So unfinished! Lucifer’s grip is where im walking on the other side of things, one can only hope as six strings go up, a large thump won’t hurt so much. On the Rhino (you know I change) front I saw the tempting Ice Cream van today, but my Cat; ‘mrs polly doyle’ knew that the hu way costs much more than money. Seriously pissed of at this new fella Gary, comes into the sanctury likes he’s all this he think benig a stream winner will let him walk down any hills he likes, he’s in for a surprise, nobody treats Kjartan and Neko like that.. Besides I’ll open the earth in good time there hasn’t been any kind’ve sign of unbroken in the masses to them its still summertime! I suppose yellow calander girl will know HONESTLY DON’T LOOK BACK INTO THE SUN. More acceptance of igorant two-faced, superficialities I’d break if they weren’t my friends. I mean the ego can be used if neccesary but to abuse in ways that she does brings limited scope especially with the infulence of confucism, it is a grim reflection and D has seen it. Supports what I need right now, from other sources to the primary she’s in sorry shockscape ground in the morning. It reminds me of (D)onkey’s precision fooling: He will be singing the humming song if he doesnt start soon, scared of swimming^so I am. There hasn’t been any news from spirit destroyer luckily I silenced him good. That was hypnotic, but recently.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! **raised eyebrows** I’m really happy with the results from my lastest robot, I just hope he doesn’t clone one of the founders. Nah, he won’t.. cos… He can’t… Can he? (Good Luck, this is small tease you can leave on the boat to the moon if your trust needs refreshing:- BUY BUY SELL SELL. There you feel better and it is &real&-ly no problem! Understand. Honesty is dwelling in the heart right now and although it’s not the time for floortiles love will reverse this. It’s a bit like the turning tide. 🙂

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Friday, July 25, 2003

Today I realised that I have been brought up by two robots [circuit breakdown yeah!] and a pack of super furry animals. Which is a good thing mostly… faulty equipment! Am I a forsbein or what, (haha!). Techno Joy Division lands a loud ‘huh?’ but Bis it’s all in my head. 

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Hibernation comes earlier and ealier but I never thought it would be a few days after the summer solstise. Can’t wait for the tiger dotty autumn. I should know (hahaha) all the short form by then and hopefully started doing to some chi gong more often.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I woke up this morning and thought I want a cup of tea. So I went downstairs to turn the kettle on and turned the kettle on. I must have waited for 10 minutes or so. The kettle was not boiling. Oh well look what I had done I had just gone and forgot to plug the kettle in.

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