How to remember when it’s bin day

Try to stick to what you can control; your thoughts and your actions
To me we’re all one but you separate us into factions

Sing a song, you need to speak up, no solace in your silence
When you are attacked, scream loud enough to show your defiance

Argue with yourself, accept it all but don’t let your standards slip
Nature is fierce, let it happen, don’t underestimate it

So here’s what I recommend to you in life my dearest friend
Live in the now, you can finish without tying up loose ends

Mix up your pithy aphorisms with some obvious truths
Disrupt automatic reactions with startling out there blues

Feed everyone in your life, they’ll be happy with bellies full
Relax when on high alert, guard down, let your senses lull

Listen to the rhythm of everything around you, tune in
Listen for the chance to quieten people’s blustering, and win

Acceptance is the key to the door; of the room where there’s peace
Harmony is the piece you play loud; in the space where sounds cease

So go on your way, live for life today, remember bin day
So go on your way, live for life today, remember bin day