Polly, Queen of Spacecats was frustrated because she had discovered a species: The Spacemonkey, an evil race determined to destroy everything including Spacecats! Their method of death, destruction, and demolition is to scream of the Pink Dragon’s Tentacles, a song written by Zebadee Vortex, the worst band in the universe!

Only one person could stop them. Neepsend, Polly’s first officer. The way to stop the Spacemonkeys is to get them to the Farfield Inn, the greatest pub in the world (…ever! Part 2) and get Nigel Townshend to do some dreadful stand up comedy. As long as the monkeys had a sad look on their face, Nigel would try to cheer them up by telling jokes, so the monkeys would have to kill themselves because of the comedy.

So Neepsend went out on his continuing mission to explore strange new worlds and civilisations, to boldly go where no cat had gone before! Not really!

Neepsend found Nige and made him do his stuff and the Spacemonkeys died. He came back but on the way back he discovered Spacezebra…

The End